There are a variety of optical instruments that use light, lenses, & mirrors to help us see things.  Compare the devices below and explain how they use light to enhance vision.

Glasses & Contact Lenses


Eye See You


Use the sites below to learn how we see. Create a diagram or re-enactment that shows how our eyes see. 

Mirrors, Lenses, & Your Eyes
Anatomy of the Eye

Use the sites below to compare refraction & diffraction.  Draw or write an everyday example of what each looks like. & explain how they differ.

Refraction & Diffraction
Reflection, Refraction, & Diffraction

Use the sites below to compare & contrast concave & convex mirrors.  Which would you prefer to view yourself with?  Use evidence from the sites to explain why.

The Science of Light
Concave & Convex Lens
Convex & Concave

A palindrome is anumber that reads the same backwards as it does forwards. The number 2332 is an example of a palindrome. Read either way the number is the same.

To Make A palindrome, add any number to its reverse. If it is not yet a palindrome, reverse the didgets and add it to the answer. Continue reversing and adding until the answer becomes a palindrome.

The example on this card, 57, is a two-step palindrome because it is reversed and added two times to become a palindrome.    57
                                      + 231

Work as a group to find all the numbers between 10-50 that can make a palindrome in two steps. 
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Mr. Logie visited us on Thursday to share his experience of becoming deaf and then how cochlear implants assisted his hearing.  What is one thing that you learned from Mr. Loagie?  Use specific details from his presentation to support your thinking.
My friends and I planned a technology conference for teachers. Between 80 & 85 teachers attended. We bought a t-shirt for each attendee that cost $8 or $9. How much did we spend on t-shirts? Explain your answer.
Today is 'Poem In Your Pocket' day.  If you carried in a poem in your pocket, which would you carry?  Why would you keep that poem in your pocket? 

Some people ordered a pizza with 20 slices.  Each person ate the same amount of slices.  How many people ordered the pizza and how many slices did each person eat?

I was at the store when I saw they had headphones on sale for $2.  Of course I had to scoop them up into my shopping cart!  How many headphones do you think I bought and how much did I probably spend?

  • post one possible solution
  • name the strategy you used
  • explain how the strategy helped you solve it